Volume 9 – The Grand Review


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This recording presents music from the band books of the original 1st Brigade Band (dated 1864). The first half of the album combines music and narrative to present the story of the original band in the same way that the current band performs its historical programs.

The second half recreates a band concert of the day and takes you to an authentic military ball.

281KB When This Cruel War Is Over Three Hymns: Come Ye
America Disconsolate/Pleyels Hymn/
Hail Columbia Notting Hill
St. Louis Quickstep 216KB Battle Cry Of Freedom &
Home Sweet Home Kingdom Coming
I Set My Heart On A Flower The Dearest Spot On Earth
238KB Mocking Bird Quickstep To Me Is Home
Reveille 616KB Star Spangled Banner
180KB National Quickstep Home Again Serenade
210KB Andante Funeral March No.1 Leona Quickstep
Tattoo 222KB Reel Set – Dixie, Reels 1, 3 & 2
258KB Captain Shepard’s Quickstep Sophia Waltz
247KB When Sherman Marched Down Sophia polka
To The Sea Stanley Schottische
199KB Etappen Quickstep Lima Waltz
219KB Mountain Echo Polka