Volume 13 – Barnburners


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Barnburners:  those selection from a band’s repertoire that test the mettle of the players; the ones that challenge the strength of the ensemble; the ones that the musicians practice for fun.  And, if the musicians are having fun, you can bet that the audience will too.  Spend a few minutes with the “Barnburners” and hear the 1st Brigade Band tackle the most exciting music from the books of the military and town bands of the 1860’s.


7th Massachusetts Regimental QS 220KB Chicago Light Guard QS
Yankee Doodle Variations Kazoodie Ko Whirl Overture
218KB Nebucca Quickstep 212KB The Battle Of Inkerman QS
Call Me Not Back from the 213KB Cavalry QS / Cavalry Polka
Echoless Shore Jordan Am A Hard Road To
209KB Selections from Julien Trabel/ Roll Up Your Sleeves
208KB Bronze Bob Tail Horse Quickstep 198KB Santa Anna’s Retreat From
Old K.Y. KY. Buena Vista


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