Historic Presentations by Dan and Evelyn Woolpert
A Call to Glory” – Ed Pierce and Michael Lee Morbeck

Classical.com – The world’s favourite online classical music subscription offering listening, downloads, custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music knowledge.

Northern Indiana Center for History

Wisconsin Veterans Museum – The Wisconsin Veterans Museum has wonderful displays from all wars, but the Civil War exhibits are really exceptional.  They also have 2 musical instruments from the original 1st Brigade Band on display.  Please visit next time you are on the Capitol square in Madison.

The Serpent Website  – For those of you who don’t know what a serpent is, visit this link.  It is a bass instrument about two generations before the brass instruments on this site (except for the ophicleide, which is the next generation up).  A very interesting instrument, with a very interesting sound.

Olde Towne Brass

The Dodworth Saxhorn Band

3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry  – Several of the members of the original 1st Brigade Band were also in the band of the 3rd Wisconsin at the start of the war – when many regiments had bands.  The 3rd Wisconsin band was mustered out in the summer of 1862.  Enjoy the site of this re-enactment unit.

International Trumpet Guild

Cooperman Fife and Drum Co.  – makers of fine reproduction rope-tension drums and fifes.  Also have sticks, drum parts, books, and recordings.

Brass Bands on the Internet – Lots of information and tidbits on brass bands with links to hundreds of sites.

Clack Valves & Cornets Steam Band – a site devoted to the history of railroad bands.

The Yankee Brass Band

Heritage of Military Bands of the World

The R. Jones Trumpet Page – a site with links to bands, brass organizations, and ensembles worldwide – great reference!

Wisconsin Historical Society – Heritage Military Music Foundation is an affiliate member of the State Historical Society.  On their site, you can access many interesting topics and collection information, as well as rosters of all of the known Wisconsin Civil War soldiers.  Also links and describes the historic sites of Wisconsin.

Circus World Museum – Their video documentary “The World’s Greatest Showmen” features band music from the 1st Brigade Band as well as various circus bands.  An excellent video.

Historic Brass Society

Harmoniemusik – this link is to a site in Germany specializing in sheet music, books, and CD’s; mostly European.  They have a large search engine for finding that unique, hard to find piece of music or CD that you probably won’t find in the USA.  Give them a try.  This link is to the English version page.

American Musical Instrument Society

33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band – recreation of a band belonging to the 33rd Illinois Regiment, mustered into service in 1861 from central Illinois.  They take part in many re-enactments during the year, and play frequently at the Lincoln sites in and around Springfield.  Several of our musicians and theirs will “guest-play” in each other’s bands during the year – good friends!

Early Music Network – Information and services about early music and historical performance all over the world – information about ensembles, recordings, instrument exchange, and offers web hosting for early music sites.

The Great American Brass Band Festival – held in Danville, KY each year in June, they feature a whole weekend of more types of brass band than you can shake a stick at!  Lots of fun activities go along with it as well.  The 1st Brigade Band last participated in 1991.

National Music Museum


City of Watertown – News and information about our hometown – the new Main Street project; of which we have our very own mural, and other information about things in and around Watertown – you’ll occasionally see us there, too!

Dodge-Jefferson Genealogical Society – Our downstairs Heritage Hall residents  and groundskeepers – the Society houses records, plat books, letters, and records of local interest – for research and information.  Great local resource.

Watertown Historical Society – Watertown history, the Octagon House, and many pictures of Watertown’s history and buildings are available from this site.  Please visit.

Portal Wisconsin – created by the partners of the Cultural Coalition of Wisconsin to support the state’s culture, arts, humanities and history.
If you want to know what is going on in the state, pertaining to performance, history, or most anything else arts related, use this site – very searchable, and informative.

“The President’s Own” United States Marine Band

The Federal City Brass Band

Pioneers in Brass by Glenn Bridges. The classic work on early brass performers now available on CD ROM.

Noble & Cooley – Manufacturer of one of our Civil War period snare drums and still in business today making custom drums! Visit their company site, their musical toys site and Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation site.

Frontier Brigade Band – a Texas band re-creating the mid-nineteenth century brass band, 1859 Marine Band, and the Buffalo Bill Wild West Cowboy Band.