Volume 10 – Dusty Roads and Camps


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Billy Yank and Johnny Reb had a lot in common. Among the many miseries they shared were seemingly endless marches and equally trying periods in camp. Whether trudging along the dusty road or waiting anxiously around a campfire at night, music was the savior of the common soldier, easing his hardships and relieving his burdens.

Gathered here are musical memories of the most turbulent period in our nation’s history. Cast in its unique format of “Making History Live”, Volume 10 presents seventeen selections that have been frequently requested by our audiences; a blend of humor and pathos; narratives, vocals, and instrumentals that will summon forth a picture of military life in the 1860’s.

205KB 7th Regimental Drum Corps 172KB Our First President’s
Quickstep Quickstep
299KB Mother Kissed Me In My 285KB Lorena
Dream 168KB Old Dan Tucker
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Somebody’s Darling
281KB The Rock Beside the Sea 250KB Cap’n Finch’s Quickstep
Wearing of the Green QS and Polka
Prayer For Victory, Fort 227KB Aura Lee
Donelson 216KB Old Abe, The Battle Eagle
Waltzes 44 and 34 191KB Marching Through Georgia
Jine the Cavalry
The Girl I Left Behind Me/
The Yellow Rose Of Texas

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