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Concert Favorites is a cross section of highlights from our historical programs – music that our audiences have asked to take home with them. It is the music that has, for them, MADE HISTORY LIVE.

We invite you to participate. No need for a concert ticket, a place to park, or a sitter for the kids – just fire up the stereo, shut your eyes and for about an hour, live with Johnny Reb and Billy Yank, their friends and families. Enjoy!

195KB The Atilla Quickstep 264KB Midnight Hours Medley
Thou Art Gone From My Midnight Serenade
Gaze 218KB We Are Coming Father
Thou Art Gone From My Abraham
Gaze QS Foundation (How Firm a
229KB The Solid Rock Foundation)
Rock Me To Sleep, 229KB Irish Medley Quickstep
Mother 275KB Just Before the Battle, Mother
223KB The Vacant Chair Goober Peas
204KB The Bonnie Blue Flag Marching Sequence:
McIntosh (Amazing Grace) Marching Along, Garry Owen,
190KB Stonewall Jackson’s Way Red White and Blue
Stonewall’s Requiem Ever of Thee
God Save the South 232KB Ever of Thee Quickstep
The Village Quickstep 266KB Auld Lang Syne
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Glory Hallelujah March

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